Work Experience

I want to reach out to all those people who put so much in the years someone has worked at a job over the quality of the job they do.  I went to work at a company straight from billing school.  They were good enough to trust me based upon my 4.0 grade point average.

They were a OMH/Substance abuse specialty billing company.  I had one week of training when they handed me my first client.  They handed me my second client the next week and so on so by the time seven months rolled around I had five clients.  I worked their billing accounts from start to finish so when I went on to my next job after only seven months of experience I knew more than the people who had worked there 8-15 years.

I was the person who managed to pull the company out of a financial hole; me the person with seven months experience.  Now I was just passed over for a job because I have less than two years experience.  I managed to organize the company where I work so well with the right billing software that I managed my way out of a job description and was bored to death.

One person told me don’t tell them you have nothing to do they will let you go.  I said to this person I can’t just sit here four days looking at my computer screen.  I guess I could have done that but morally I wouldn’t be able to stand myself.

So all this hype about the person’s years of experience just isn’t an accurate way to look at someone and I hope this blog reaches people who will make the right choice and not put emphasis on the years you have worked somewhere because there are many people who have years of experience that don’t know what they are doing in the billing industry.  Take a look at their accomplishments on the job.  If someone like me was given two raises in a year totaling $12,000.00 that is a strong indication they are very talented in their profession.