Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

With all the in your face stunts Miley Cyrus has been doing lately it just occurred to me how devastated she has been over losing Liam. The song Wrecking Ball when sung without all the bells and whistles Miley added put it in perspective for me. The Gregory Brothers sang it so beautifully it made me realize the song’s true depth and meaning.

Miley is having a breakdown in front of the whole world and we are mocking her and making fun of her. She was obviously hit harder than she will admit as seen by her actions. I have to give her kudos for being able to go on and perform at all through the heartbreak and turmoil. I remember all too well the devastation of my break ups; how hurtful they were. Especially when your partner moves on without you.

Miley I for one want to say I am sorry for judging you. I hope you get your peace and tranquility  back without the use of drugs to do it because you have changed. There will always be people to accept how you have changed; people who do the same things but can you trust them Miley? I hope you continue to stay strong and it no longer matters to me what you do for shock value.

Liam thinks your sexy when you stand and sing in sexy outfits. You embarrass him when you do things like twerking so if you ever want to get him back you have to stand strong in a sexy glamorous way that he can’t get you out of his mind. Don’t push him away further with vulgar acts on stage. He is a full grown gorgeous man and they want women who acts like a lady in public and twerk only them…if you catch my drift.

Good luck Miley and I hope you get Liam back but remember he has brothers who care about him so if you aren’t making him happy they are going to make sure you stay gone.