A World of Bullies

In my years on earth I have noticed human behavior in its finest.  I have hung out with the elite, rich people as well as run with the homeless for a few years while finding my purpose.  I walk in kindness and have been the victim of many brutal beatings, kidnaps and other torturing consequences of being a young female in the streets sleeping in abandoned cars.

I became homeless after many years of domestic violence took its toll on me.  I believed I was not worthy of the life God had given me.  Two people, a married couple found me when I was in jail on a drug charge.  They asked me what it would take for my life to be different.  I said for someone to believe in me.  I said I felt that I was born years too late in life that I wish I were born long ago in the days of the prairie because in those days there was brotherhood.

They did something completely extraordinary.  They enclosed their garage to accommodate another person then invited me to come live with them.  They did this to show the true meaning of Christ, love they neighbor.  From that moment on my life began to grow and my purpose soon became apparent.  I have dedicated my life to following God’s calling on it; help those who were like I use to be.

Songs for God came to me spontaneously and within seconds.  I had met a rhythm and blues recording artist who use to be on Mercury records who took a liking to my songs and agreed to help me with them.  He had contracted his own studio musician to put music behind all my songs. This musician was playing with Bobbie Brown & The New Edition at the time.  He went on to play with Justin Bieber. How is this possible?

I tell you my friend God is real.  In my own might I would never been able to get the top musicians and artist in the country to work with me, a nobody!  Remembering those days keeps me grounded in knowing that God does exist because I was not a lucky person.  If you heard tales of my past life and the things that took place you would know this to be so.

The next decade I spent traveling telling my story, singing my songs to women of domestic violence and those in substance abuse clinics.  I went back to school to get my AA of Science with a 4.0 average.  I then went on to get my Medical Billing Certification all through the power of believing God was watching and expected me to put my best foot forward.  Here was a woman who had given up as so many other homeless people have. Why?  Because people treated them mean to such a degree that they stopped believing in themselves.

If you want the world to get better we have to stop bullying others.  It is not productive and only causes evil to come in droves.  By knocking your fellow person you never know if that was the last knock they can take leaving them reeling out of control.  For the wicked they don’t see their part but others see it.  Those who have eyes see the hurt that the bullies have done.

The sad part is that those people who find it humorous to say mean things to people are people who don’t have enough self-confidence in themselves.  They hurt others in order to make themselves shine when all those watching can see the truth.  Bullies are like everyone else just looking for their place in this world.  How will we change this type behavior?  I think we are on the right path.  Zero tolerance to bullying. Stop the behavior while they are young and if needed go after those parents who won’t put their foot down on this behavior.

The reason I am writing this today is someone felt so threatened by my response to his comment that he called my comments pathetic and deceitful.  It was good to be able to see his insults as his problem and not mine.  I wish I could shine this light on all those who have bullies ruining their lives.  I have found the strength to draw on and His name is Jesus Christ.


Phil Robertson quotes on Gay’s and Lesbian’s


Well I have been following the Phil Robertson mess until I have to speak my mind on it.  First and foremost I believe the guy was asked a question and he gave his answer.  The answer he gave was a quote in scripture.  This is his belief and his faith which anyone reading the bible on a daily basis and going to church believes in.  They are to uphold the contents of the bible as true words of God.

For you to ridicule him and to suspend him because of his religious belief’s is wrong.   I think it’s against the law even; isn’t it?  I don’t think you can discriminate against someone who works for you because of their religious beliefs.  Two why would a magazine knowing this is a man of God ask him a question like this.  It was a loaded question and the man had to quote the bible to you or he would not be true to his faith.  He would be risking his relationship with God in order to say anything else.

The magazine not only set Phil Robertson up but wanted to start trouble by stirring the pot.  I think a boycott of this magazine is in order.  I believe the magazine used Phil to sell more magazines and will not give mention to their name for that reason. How could you deliberately cause an incident such as this to deliberately hurt not only Phil Robertson but the gay and lesbian population.

It is not right what you did.  I believe that God is the only person who can say who is going to heaven or hell.  God knows a person’s heart and if it is pure or not.  God is not looking for perfection He is God. He knows that perfection isn’t going to be found in man.  Phil Robertson is standing on the word of God as set forth in the Old Testament.  He didn’t condemn them himself he quoted the scripture which included many other types of behaviors such as the drunkard and the sexually immoral so  stop twisting Phil’s word’s and intent.

Some people believe the Old Testament passed away with Jesus  even though Jesus states that he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it I can’t interpret that.  He could have meant several things by that comment. I am not going to speculate because it is not my problem. I do what I think is right in my walk with God all others I let God sort it out.  That is His job after all not mine.  He is to judge those that shall enter into heaven.

I believe that Phil Robertson answered the question by telling this magazine what it says in the bible as if to say it is not up to him (Phil Robertson) to say one way or the other about the issue on gay’s because the bible says this to be so.

Again I am going to put it back on the magazine that published this garbage and tell them you used poor judgment and bad taste in asking the question to start with.  There is no need to make the gay population feel bad and no need to start trouble for Phil Robertson when you initiated this little pot stirring problem.

You make me sick all of you who could be so cruel to print this.  You weren’t exposing Phil for anything that people can’t figure out for themselves he is a Bible Believing Southern Man.  You just wanted to stir up trouble; unnecessary evil hurtful trouble.  I hope one day you reap what you sowed fifty times over.  That day will come sure as I am typing this; that day will come.

Phil get a lawyer I don’t think they can fire you for your religious beliefs.  You weren’t stating them while on the job were you?