Jody Highroller aka Riff Raff… Watch out for Merchandise Manager Mychael Clack

Jody HighrollerI have been away from the blogging scene due to my mother’s stage four cancer but I have had an experience with a merchandise manager named Mychael Clack that has sent me on a mission to defend and protect all Riff Raff fans.  I don’t know if you agree with it but please look at it from the side of a mother who has children who have struggled; one of them won their struggle the other lost.  I felt compelled when Riff Raff came on the scene to support him even though I did not agree with his drug use but I saw the poetic artistry and struggle to succeed behind it all.  His courage was phenomenal as he faced so many people laughing at him that I admired his courage and heart as he blazed a trail to be in his own lane.

In many ways he reminded me of myself but where I fell down and went boom he kept going in a positive light.  Where people hurt him he turned the other cheek me…, well I am writing this blog against his manager now aren’t I. So let’s go back to the beginning and I will try to be unbiased in my story then you tell me what you think.  I do know I should have known better so other than that if you choose to comment all comments are welcomed.

I first saw Riff Raff on TMZ because James Franco who I have met and found to be another individual to blaze his own trail was under fire for stealing Riff Raff’s look for Spring Breakers.  I searched YouTube for Riff Raff and found that he was a very different type guy.  Someone blazing a trail like Elvis did; setting a Neon trend.  I sent an email to my daughter who has a deadbeat boyfriend with the Dolce and Gabbana rap video. I was hoping it would show her there are bad boys out there who are exciting yet doing something in there lives.  If you want a bad boy try finding one like this.

It worked and she too found Riff Raff to be an exciting difference in the world of rap.  I personally like all kinds of music and having traveled in the entertainment business since I was 26 could see the potential he had to be great.  I started rooting for him to pull out of the riff raff circle he was traveling in to find a path to becoming all he wanted to be.

My daughter called me out of the blue soon after to tell my that Riff Raff was coming to New York did I want to go.  I told her of course that would be awesome.  My daughter who is an actress and has been in movies with Armand Assante and Sean Young does not live for acting but helping children grow and became a teacher for middle school students. My daughter in her last two weeks of obtaining her Master’s degree in teaching was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I am very proud of my daughter because the doctor said she had this disease for three to five years which meant she pushed herself to work, act and go to school with a 4.0 GPA.

My daughter wanted to meet Riff Raff and was pretty much enamored by him.  We saw there were tickets to hang out with Riff Raff for $500  so we took the deal.  This came with two T-shirts, two follows and two re-tweets of Riff’s choice.  We were so excited.  My daughter bought him a little trinket she took time to consider what choices would go into this trinket.  It was not expensive and not real stones but it was sterling silver given in love and admiration.

We got to the concert and met Mychael Clack the merchandise manager.  Paid him in cash for the VIP package then was led to the green room to wait for Riff Raff.  We were told many excuses as to why Riff Raff was not there yet.  In hindsight the whole hang with Riff Raff is a gimmick that needs exposing so let me tell you more. The package we bought did not (at that time) say it was for hanging with the crew of Riff Raff and that Riff Raff shows up just in time for the show …that the “Hang with Riff” at the show means be on stage with him while he performs with his back to you!

Because of my mission to expose them they have changed the VIP to state hang with the crew all day (which is what you are doing not hanging with Riff too) then they state hang with Riff at the show. Don’t do this …..  it’s not worth the money.  You can purchase the pre-show package but you must wait until after the show because Riff doesn’t show up until time to go on but it saves you money because you get the same benefit if you wait.

Be prepared to hear excuses from Mychael as to how crazy Riff’s day has been how it has caused him to be later than usual.  Yeah crazy meaning he is high as a kite on the bus he can’t be seen in public until he comes down some.  They think you accept any treatment from them to just be in the presence of Riff’s staff and to be in Riffs presence for all of five minutes you will agree to anything.  They have too much going on to really get a chance to “hang” with anyone.  They want and count on you just being in awe to the degree of just watching and not participating in conversation with Riff or his staff.  If you do they will label you OVERWHELMING!

So, finally the Riff shows up who has just started his change but is still enough of the old Riff that he is appreciative of his fans.  He is excited that my daughter has thought about him enough to give him this trinket.  Part of the package was standing on stage watching the concert with Riff.  Riff was very pleasant and fun to be around on this visit.  We took pictures and felt like part of his entourage. He had the Sheik visit him which he paid many compliments and honors.  I thought what a big heart Riff has.  We are happy that we bought the tickets regardless of the fact we thought it would be a longer visit with him.  We believed what we were told he was hung up not that he was waiting on the bus with no intentions of coming in until the very last-minute before the show.  We leave and never get the follow or the re-tweets.  I let that go because it was not important to me although it hurt my daughters feelings because he followed others.

The next dealing I had with Mychael Clack his merchandise manager was also not fulfilled.  I had called him to ask if I bought eight T-shirts would he be willing to give me free shipping or a discount.  He said if I bought six the would throw in two free.  I went to the website to purchase six but could only get five because I needed two XXL and they were out of stock.  I called Mychael Clack back to ask when they would be in stock he replied never.  He said if I bought the five he would still give me two free send him the sizes and the shirt I wanted so I did.  When I got the order I called Mychael and he promised they were coming.  I am still waiting for the shirts. I let this go as well because I was trying to support Riff on his journey.

I went through a very dark place over Christmas and the New Year’s but I would go watch Riff’s video’s and he showed such courage it would give me inspiration and I would become happy again.  I reached out to Mychael Clack to say I wanted to buy Riff a blue diamond ring to let Riff Raff know he had been a beacon through my darkness.  Mychael Clack helped me pick out this ring then as he corresponds with me on how to get it to him agrees that I can buy one of the VIP passes for $250.  Great I say in my email back to him see you then.

Time for the concert January 24, 2015, comes and I noticed the price of the VIP tickets go up to $750 so I contact Mychael Clack.  I tried calling, texting and Facebook.  No response comes back until 10 minutes before I arrive.  He responds the tickets have gone up.  I will still honor your $250 but I will have to pay out of my pocket the rest of the money.  I am thinking yeah I doubt that but also thought maybe he just wants me to think that so I will think what a great guy he is.  I ended up getting there and giving him $300 in cash due to the price going up that would mean one ticket instead of two would be $375 however I do have a diamond ring to give Riff Raff for his birthday so he should not be upset regarding the $75.00 difference.  To make this really long tale come to an end it turned out that I was being played. Mychael Clack told me that we overwhelmed Riff on the first visit because everyone else kept their mouths shut and just watched Riff not try to engage him in conversation. I did get to go to the green room and hang out by myself but when Riff’s DJ came in.  I talked to him for about 20 minutes then Mychael came to say I was bothering him by being intense.  So I sat without speaking. When Riff came in I was told to leave then never got to see him before he went on stage.  I told Mychael “I paid for the VIP tickets he responded no you didn’t you only gave me $300.  I asked for my money back he handed me what I thought was all my money as I called my driver to come get me.  I got into the car and left.  I pulled out the money and Mychael had kept $100.  When questioned about it Mychael Clack said well you did go into the green room.  Classic bait and switch just took place! That wasn’t what I was paying for I responded.  I tried to get my money back short of having him dragged into court but Mychael swore everyday for two weeks he would wire it.  I wanted reimbursement for the money I spent that I would not have if Mychael had been honest with me totaling $450.

I never saw the concert and Mychael had me in tears from talking to me in a hostile tone because I had followed Riff Raff into the green room.  He had said you have to let Riff Raff come in first and I will come get you.  I had a couple of drinks but I had let Riff go in first then followed. Oops, Mychael wanted to come get me but Riff had entered the room first, I was there so I entered behind everyone.  It wasn’t like Riff hadn’t met me before and knew me.  Riff had given us his cell phone number on the first visit!  It’s not like Riff is a stranger to having a buzz!

As a result of this scam and to bring Mychael Clack down for ripping off good people I decided to blog about the incident to warn others, sent a form 3949 notifying the IRS of the cash sales being made that are not being reported.  I contacted Diplo, C.Lewis Group, contacted TMZ and called the upcoming venues to let them know what happened to me at a prior show.  I noticed they took the Riff will follow you and re-tweet your tweets off the VIP pass however that doesn’t justify why Riff never fulfilled the package we bought by following my daughter.  They knew she had leukemia and still did not follow my daughter.  I called them on the shirts they never sent then contacted some vendors who told me they weren’t getting paid for the T-shirts as well.  All in all this says “will the real slim shady please go home please go home to me.”  I lost respect for Riff Raff as a result of him ripping me off on three occasions without so much as a phone call about it.    I have lost respect for Diplo because he allows Mychael Clack to be the merchandise manager ripping people off.  I tell you fans of Riff Raff he is all about the dollar and does not care how he gets it.

If you think Riff has cleaned up his act he has not.  I saw him twice but the second time I saw him he was geeking.  He walked from the back door to the green room right past me eyes all crazy and frightened looking.  He drank Ciroc straight from the bottle on stage and didn’t get drunk he was so high.  No one can drink a half a bottle of Ciroc straight unless they are so high they need to come down. Buyers beware when you buy into a $750.00 VIP when you can get the same amount of time with the $250.00 meet and greet.  Then make sure you don’t get too drunk forget and go home because even though they have a Neon Pre-Show Experience that it is before the show Riff doesn’t show up until time to go on so it WILL be after the show.

Good luck with your Riff Raff journey because he apparently thinks he is bigger than Steven Tyler who gives you a whole party to hang out with him before the show for $300.

I  will continue on my journey to expose Mychael Clack for his nature is to promise you the moon and the stars in order to get you to spend your money only to back pedal once money exchanges hands.