Justin Beiber’s Plane search Majiauna found

Per Yahoo story:

When Justin Beiber’s Super Bowl bound plane was searched by authorities for drugs on Friday, it apparently was for good reason.

During questioning at New Jersey’s Teeterboard Airport, the “Confident” singer admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol during the rowdy flight, according to a police report obtained by NBC News.

Justin, 19, and his father Jeremy Bieber, 38, were allegedly “extremely abusive” to a flight attendant on board, and their private jet was so full of marijuana smoke that the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks.

“The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana,” the report supposedly reads. “The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse.”

My Take on this:

My feelings are that Jeremy Bieber is always around when Justin is smoking weed.  There is no doubt in my mind he is the contributor of Justin’s misbehavior probably telling him you’re the Biebs no one is going to charge you or if they do you will get out of it by paying your way out. My feelings are you are the worst dad on the planet.  Taking advantage of young girls around Justin getting high on his dime. What are you thinking?  You are allowing your son to be so wild without being discreet.  You have no class that is for  sure.

Justin looks to you for stability.  They are going to put him in prison soon I don’t know what you think will happen to him after that but the fans are getting tired of hearing these kinds of things and they are dropping like flies.  Soon he will be a has been and I thank your stupidity for it. Justin probably is so proud to make his dad proud he would give you anything!

Justin released a statement that he was giving his life back to God but you can’t get baptized then treat people badly or smoke weed to such extremes it makes the holy ghost flee.  I wish I could see you to tell you off in person but or maybe I will create coffee mugs that say Jeremy Biebers’ father is the worse father on the planet and hand them out for free.  You are rotten as they come and I hope Justin realizes you are a very bad influence on him.  Get away from him and quit riding his shirttail because you’re a partier don’t turn you son into a partier that is so wrong and you were condemned for being nasty to the flight attendants’ so that is where Justin has gone wrong having you around. He loves you so  much he is mimicking you to get your approval.  You should be a shamed of yourself but you don’t care because you will let Justin take the rap for you that’s how low of a person and father you are.  I am going to pray every night that God takes you out of Justin’s life whether it be a horrible action or jail time for yourself and guess what God always answers my prayers.

Now I understand how Justin changed so much and the asshole you are.  I wish nothing but bad things on your for pushing that typed behavior because Justin is on his last limb he is going  to go to jail no one cares he is Justin Bieber.  Look what they are doing to Lindsey Lohan.  To the police isn’t Justin a minor and his father should be arrested for contributing to a minors’ delinquency for allowing him to drink and smoke pot?



Justin Beiber Finally got His Big Payoff

Justin dude I know you are young and have been on a roller coaster ride but you are no different and no better than a homeless person struggling to survive in God’s eye’s.  Who is it that you should you be trying to please and show off for. Get with what is real and that is life long friends and family.

Need a big sister I am here. Just ask Wizard he will tell you I am good as gold.  Wizard is my producer.  Both William Bell and Wizard worked with me on a CD because I just wanted to have fun creating something.  I wasn’t that good and nobody encouraged me to be a heart-throb like you are but at least I have gladness for the people who have helped me.  Appreciation for those around me who may or may not like me just because they are human beings.

There are a thousand singers out there that can sing much  better than you dude.  You happened to be blessed by God for some unknown reason now it is time for you to give back to your maker by making Him proud instead of bringing tears to His eyes.  He is weeping now for your lost soul don’t you know you are nothing without God?   Do the right thing and be someone God can continue to bless because right now his hand is not on you because you are playing in the Devil’s playground.

Please heed my words the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  If you can’t see you’re on a downhill slippery slope no one can help you but Him Justin.  Give the glory to God.  It’s time to stop believing you made this happen and start thanking God for lifting you up.  I think He may appreciate a song or two from you on forgiveness and thankfulness to the creator.  Now I challenge you go write a song about it.






Andy Gibb and My meeting with Gregg Allman

I have no idea why I continued to punish myself last night but I burned the midnight oil watching everything I could find on YouTube that had to do with Andy Gibb and then Maurice and Robin.

When 8:00 am rolled around I finally said I can’t do this anymore; my heart can’t take anymore sadness. I never knew Andy Gibb but in a way I did. I felt connected to him by the feeling he had of low self-esteem. I knew him in that respect and my heart broke for him just as it did the night I watched Gregg Allman stumble around Club Anytime in Atlanta.

My words of wisdom to Gregg that night won me a kiss on the mouth from the Southern Rock Legend. As I talked to Gregg I could see deep into his tormented soul and I offered words of encouragement to him. Later I sent Gregg a poem and a letter telling him God is what you seek. God will fill that void. Gregg had other Christians that crossed his path and soon he laid down his burdens became a Christian and my heart rejoiced!

I was hurt last night by the thought that it had been possible that no one reached out to Andy to tell him about God. I wish I had been able to come across Andy’s  path the same way I had done Gregg’s and maybe he would be alive today.

I tell you now there is a power in the Word of God over your life.  If you don’t know it your purpose becomes distorted and weakened by the evil that is in this world.  You will never have low self-esteem when you realize the Maker of Heaven and Earth predestined your existence.  The only thing you have to do is seek and you shall find.

Here is hoping that someone will read this blog and start their own quest to find the truth.  So many can’t be wrong.  There are testimonies all around you of people who have accepted by faith that Jesus Christ is their Savior only  to be rewarded by peace and tranquility where there was chaos and destruction before.  Please don’t let the world beat you up.  Pick up a bible and start your quest for the truth.

All you have to do is pray to God before you read it.  Pray He gives you understanding and each time God will reveal to you what He wants you to know.  Soon there will be dancing in your spirit and a pep in your step that can only be called a miracle in your life.  Give God a try won’t you?