Transgender athlete sues Crossfit for banning her from Competition REVISED

Surfing this mornings Yahoo I saw this article about a male who is a transgendered female wants to compete in female sports. The competition requires you to compete in your birth gender.  I believe this is fair because women would not have a chance against a male body even though some of the parts have been changed.  This is still a man who has a different body mass equipped to lift more and do more.  I believe any chemical changing hormones in the body should also disqualify a person from competing due to the advantage these hormones give a person.

It is not fair for this person to compete in female sports due to the difference in what a man is capable of physically and what I women is capable physically the two species just don’t have the same capabilities.  To give an example of one sport that would not be comparable is arm wrestling.  A woman can’t arm wrestle a man.  I mean they can try but will they be able to win?  I don’t think so. I just think that this person’s expectations of doing sports in a women’s event should not come to  be.  I believe in equality but this is not equality at all; the looks may change but the body mass is still that of a man.  No offense to this person but it’s just not fair to women who are competing.

They speak of the female hormones this person is taking nullifies the male body and makes it female.  If you will notice this person’s body looks like it could be a female on steroids.  A female doesn’t bulk up like this person without them so I hope people who read this article sees it for themselves.  You can’t compete fairly with someone on steroids so why would they allow this person to compete.  They are dumping hormones into their body that consequently makes this person bulk up it.  The proof is right before you.  Just look at the arms on this person and that should speak volumes.  All this talk about being on estrogen for so long has created a true women’s body is a bunch of rhetoric.  The body look’s far from feminine to me.