Tameko Wood 2013I am a woman with a mind for seeing beyond what is forced upon us to believe especially in print. Articles are written to force a public opinion or viewpoint of the government on us more often than not.  Those who tell us what will and will not be often do those things themselves in darkness.  The world is as we make it and I will not stand in unity or allow those to convince me of things I can reasonably see as an attempt to brain wash. Let’s learn a different perspective, have our own individual opinion and discuss the possibilities.


3 thoughts on “TamekoTheArtist

  1. I love your first three chapters.They could use more detail — description of the house where you lived. Did you live in the city of Atlanta or near it? Perhaps, more description of the men you were involved with. I look forward to reading more. ~ Dennis

    • The house I grew up in was in a town called Decatur, GA. It was a two split level four bedroom with two and 1/2 bathrooms. Double car garage.

      Chino was from Argentina and stood 5’5 inches tall. Athletic build dark curly hair just over his ears. Brown eyes

      Lee Sachs was a non observant (except for certain holidays) Jewish man 5′ 7 athletic build broad shoulders
      black hair green eyes well groomed professional rich playboy type. His house boat had a baby grand in the living room. It was located in North Miami Beach along a strip of nightclubs. Right by the McArthur Causeway/

      Nelson Rosenfeld was a non observant Jewish man like Lee only on certain holidays. He had long curly brown hair to his shoulders thin but not athletic build. He had a big nose but looked regal on him. He was 5’9 very educated kind man.

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