Boy Scouts don’t allow Gay Leaders

Here is the what I think about this topic.  I have never been one to hang around where I wasn’t wanted or to force others to accept me if they didn’t want to be my friend.  If I was gay and wanted to be in the boy scouts or as an adult wanted to be a leader I would just start my own similar scouting club.

I don’t understand why the gay leaders insist on being a boy scout when they could start their own club with children they have things in common with. Call yourself Diversity Scouts.  This is just weird to force yourself on others in any situation.

The church started a scouting troop based on biblical principles.  They do the same thing as boy scouts; teach the same values plus those of the bible.  They give out badges have a uniform.  I think they call themselves different names.  Just makes more sense to meet with others you have something in common with then to have people divided in a group.

Taken from the internet….

“Across the country, there are decades-old religious alternatives with names like Pathfinders (Seventh-day Adventist), Royal Ambassadors (Southern Baptist) and Royal Rangers (Assemblies of God).”