By Tameko Wood 11/30/03


Alone I Wait For The Voice Of My God

To Lead Me And Guide Me

Through My Raging Storms Of Floods And Destruction He Could See

My Soul Crying Out On Bended Knee

Asking Not How Long Must I Suffer. For It Is Up To Him

Just Praying To My Father Help Me Fight And Win


In Victory I Can Praise His Name

To Fall Weak Crucifies Him Again To Open Shame (Hebrews 6:6)


Once Lost And Confused I Stumbled Blindly On My Way

Not Wanting To Go On Another Day

Until He Sent His Message Loud And Clear

Even I Had To Stop And Adhere


Every Word He Spoke Was Honest And True

Of Things He Expects You And I To Do

Then Forever He Promised His Mercy If We Believe

No More Storms Shall Ever Triumph Over You And Me




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