Kindred Spirits – From One Songwriter to Another

 Kindred Spirits

Tameko Wood 6/19/09

My friendship I extend to you is not that of demanding…

It is free of such chains.

My friendship is rare by the world’s standards for it is offered in the spirit of one writer to another.

For within the writing is mirrored the person who gave birth to it.

In the songs of the writer many can learn for he or she teaches.

A songwriter can not create from a blank canvas for it will render nothing.

He reaches down into the depths of his soul to create.

In that… we are alike and I see a kindred spirit.

I may never have the chance to sit with you or come face to face with you again.

But I promise you the rarest, most beautiful friendship anyone can.

Consisting of a love and admiration from a far with never ending prayer.

To ensure you continue in love and never in despair.

A small worth I give compare to what you have given me

A glimpse at True Love and all God intended for it to be.



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