Destiny – The Forgotten Lover

I am sure there are many people who can relate to these words of woe.  Just so you know my thoughts are not dark like this today.  Do you know why?  Because Jesus Christ paid for me to be free from the dark and to bask in His Light. 


The Forgotten Lover


Tameko Wood, 1999

No one knows what pain lies within me

Tormenting my every hour

Heavy on my chest

It is like a cancer

It has consumed me

Feasting on my flesh

All I know is darkness

Dreary and long are my days

There is no one to understand me

No one to listen

Can a soul take but so much?

Surely the structure weakens

To cave in to disaster

To give in to doom

Happiness escapes me in a single swoop

It leans towards others caressing in its ways

Barren unto me

Tearing at my heart

Some are to suffer

As some are fulfilled

Some are to die

As some are to live

Destiny awaits us

Mine is misery

For life and love toss to and fro

Never to stay always to go


2 thoughts on “Destiny – The Forgotten Lover

  1. Hi Tameko, after reading the first three chapters of your biography I have some understanding of where you are coming from. Each of us thinks we are unique, but abuse affects us all. I have known abandonment, many of my friends have known physical and sexual abuse. We are not defined by our past or what was done to us. I enjoyed reading the first three chapters. I feel it needs more detail concerning where you were born, what your house looked like. What you may have been wearing. I know this was a long time ago; but it is important to know the girl who turned into the woman you are now. Don’t be bashful with details. they can always be edited later. Love , Dennis

    • Truth is I remember I was barefooted and it was summer. I guess I had on summer clothes. I was born in Inglewood CA. My mother got pregnant outside of marriage to a Sicilian man who lived across the hall in her apartment complex. He was separated from his wife. When he found out my mother was pregnant he went back to his wife to try and have a baby with her.

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