Justin Beiber Finally got His Big Payoff

Justin dude I know you are young and have been on a roller coaster ride but you are no different and no better than a homeless person struggling to survive in God’s eye’s.  Who is it that you should you be trying to please and show off for. Get with what is real and that is life long friends and family.

Need a big sister I am here. Just ask Wizard he will tell you I am good as gold.  Wizard is my producer.  Both William Bell and Wizard worked with me on a CD because I just wanted to have fun creating something.  I wasn’t that good and nobody encouraged me to be a heart-throb like you are but at least I have gladness for the people who have helped me.  Appreciation for those around me who may or may not like me just because they are human beings.

There are a thousand singers out there that can sing much  better than you dude.  You happened to be blessed by God for some unknown reason now it is time for you to give back to your maker by making Him proud instead of bringing tears to His eyes.  He is weeping now for your lost soul don’t you know you are nothing without God?   Do the right thing and be someone God can continue to bless because right now his hand is not on you because you are playing in the Devil’s playground.

Please heed my words the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  If you can’t see you’re on a downhill slippery slope no one can help you but Him Justin.  Give the glory to God.  It’s time to stop believing you made this happen and start thanking God for lifting you up.  I think He may appreciate a song or two from you on forgiveness and thankfulness to the creator.  Now I challenge you go write a song about it.







One thought on “Justin Beiber Finally got His Big Payoff

  1. Reblogged this on TamekoTheArtist and commented:

    Justin I am glad to hear you are looking to be Baptized and give your life back to God. Please write a song. If you want to check mine out they would be good if you reproduced them. The lyrics are good and the melody is too but they need your spin on them and I think they would sell. Check me out on Myspace,com/tameko2 and YouTube or ask Wizard he has all my stuff too.

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