David Garrett is coming to the Best Buy March 18th and 19th

Ode to David Garrett Angel of Light in a world full of darkness

Tameko Wood 2/19/11



To watch him play is like soaring high into heaven

Sitting amongst the angels gathering

Never before have I seen such grace, poise and beauty

Instrument in hand his face transformed into angelic continuity

 Unknown to me before this night such a man was created

In the image of God he stood before me illuminated

For the love of his instrument shone on his face

 No greater love on earth could take its place


Love of this kind can only be imagined as it is rare

His true love would have to sit able to share

David with a world who loves him more than she will ever know

For he takes their hearts both men and women with each new show

I wonder if he is lonely even though his best friends are always around

Traveling with him to every city, country and town

I find I am praying for him constantly

Hoping he finds balance with love and music harmoniously


If for a moment in time I could get what I wished for

I would wish to be his true friend forever more

Someone to chat with every now and then

Or to send tweets to say how have you been?

But alas things like that don’t happen to me

For whatever reason life does not seem to be

Able to give me jewels of this depth or stature

So a picture I take one moment to capture

As I leave to walk away from David Garrett’s show

 I turn back for one last look saddened I can’t stay but have to go


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