Noah Trailer – Russell Crowe

I watched the new “Noah” Trailer today and I was just blown away at Russell Crowe’s phenomenal acting.  I thought OMG this is really happening.  He made me believe this movie was real.  I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for this amazing performer but I hope one day I do get a chance to shake this man’s hand and tell him how much I appreciate his ability to take my mind to places it never imagined it could go.

Each film he is in just gets better and better not to mention he is about the best looking man on the planet well maybe Gerard Butler may have a little competition going on with him but whew hot is hot no denying that, right ladies?  They both have an amazing ability to make you believe which on the flip side of that makes them really good ass liars to tell the truth.  Think about it… Russell comes in late one night and he was out just hanging out with the fella’s but its his wedding anniversary can you imagine the lie he could pull off to get out of it.  He could look that women he married straight in her face and make her believe he had been abducted by aliens.  I swear she would believe it!  I would believe it and be so happy they brought him back.

Russell Crowe dude you rock if ever you read this I hope it makes your smile buddy because you make my day just watching your craft.  I don’t watch a movie to be entertained I watch to see how good the actors are in the film.  They have to make me believe it and you do every time, every single time. I just can’ stop gushing about your performances!

Anyway below is the link to the trailer it’s out in March so do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself.  I am buying my ticket as soon as the ticket box opens on it.  I want to be the first to watch this film.   Hey can you buy preview tickets to see when it premieres in Hollywood?

I shouldn’t just be gushing about Russell because the other cast member’s were incredible there is just something in Russell’s cold stare and the way he delivers his lines that I just want to jump up and applaud.


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