Captive’s Choice – Please don’t throw me into the unknown forest.

Hey all joking aside I was kidnapped on three different occasions.  Once by my own husband who beat me up, beat my mother up and anyone who caused him to snap.  Two other times by strangers who would have killed me if I hadn’t been smart enough to play a part to get away from them.  Whenever you have experienced this type of violent behavior you look at the world in a different way.  I know my only chance of survival would be in an unknown forest. 

An unknown forest has many opportunities for food and shelter.  As long as you can have food and shelter you can survive and one day be rescued.  The first thing I would do would be to make a hammer out of wood and stone.  Find a vine to attached the two together.  This would offer some protection against any wild animals.  I would also make a spear by grinding a rock against the wood in order to sharpen the end to a point in case I found a stream or small animal to kill for food.   There may be some sharp-edged rocks that I could attach to the end as well.

There are many ways to live in an unknown forest which offers shelter from the sun.   The only thing about being stranded on an island would be the ocean could swallow the island up at any time.  The weather conditions that surround an island would keep me from choosing an island.  I think with a forest there is a better chance of being found from the sky when you build fires where some islands are off the beaten path.  

Definitely not a building.  How would you go to the bathroom if you are contained in a box?  That would be so unsanitary you would easily become sick from that type environment.  At least in the Forest you could go to the bathroom and the earth would absorb it into the ground to make the earth richer.

Well now seems like I have it all  planned out doesn’t it.  I am sure I made it sound a lot easier than it would be but that is my choice.  I would be happiest living in an unknown forest than any other place.


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