Nun Gives Birth In Italy – She didn’t know she was pregnant

My oh my I  am really shocked with this report.  A nun in Italy was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains to find out she was pregnant and in labor.  I am not sure but it sounds as if they are calling this a virgin birth.  If you read the article close to the bottom it states that virgin births happen in non-humans.  What?  First I would like to know what is listed in this category they call “non-humans.”  Second how is that possible?.  They can create an embryo without fertilization?

I believe the nun has an ordained responsibility to tell the truth here.  Is this the second coming of Christ?   She did give birth to a boy. The article doesn’t say how long this nun had been a nun but it is surely obvious she is a human and if she had a baby there is a father in that parish.  I didn’t see a north star pointing to Italy.  I hope she comes clean so that the baby can grow up in truth and honesty.

Then again if this is a virgin birth then we may be seeing some very strange things from this child as he grows.  I know I will be watching how about you?


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