Quirky Habits – Technology a Two Edged Sword

I have to say today’s technology has made it really hard to talk with people.  No one talks on the phone anymore they text.  No one spends time doing activities together but sit and text side by side quietly. 

I took someone  to Puerto Rico.  Not knowing my friend was playing on her iPhone or if texting I would try to engage her in conversation.  We were on vacation together I thought that was an acceptable thing to do; talk to my friend.  I would be sometimes told “Can’t you see I am texting my friends your rude!”  Oh brother I wanted to say I am rude?  How ‘s this… you are being rude missy.  This day and age it is not considered rude to go out with someone and text and this upsets me.

I took a friend of mine from out-of-town to a five-star restaurant to celebrate with me a raise I had received that would catapult me over $60,000.00  a year. This was a significant milestone for me yet all he could do was say excuse me one second to respond to a text.  Hey friend I am dropping around $150 here can’t you put your attention into a conversation not to mention it will be another year before you make it back here. I have stopped trying to go out with people.

I don’t like it and feel it is a very rude offensive egesture to make when going somewhere with someone. It is as if you really want to be with the person you are texting instead. It is the same with call waiting. Someone sees another call come in and all of a sudden you are booted off the conversation in mid sentence because they have to take that call.  Really?  Unless you are waiting for an emergency phone call I think this is very rude.  There is a better way to handle the situation.  Don’t say to the person hang on I have another call but wait a matter of a minute or so where you can politely end the conversation, check your voicemail and call that person back.  Why be rude.

I have come to love the peace and quiet it offers. I too have distanced myself out of principle.  I will not go places with someone to sit quietly next to them while they text what’s the point?  Even in  a movie with my someone a couple of week’s ago she sat and text her friends. It just isn’t fun to be around; people so absorbed in texting.  I stay home in my own world where I don’t have to be in competition with an electronic device. 

Even in work I had been told to train someone who continually said excuse me one second because she had to text.  I tell you this advancement in technology is a real quirk of mine.  Even though I love the ease in which it makes our lives it has taken the souls of those who accept it into their lives.  Once there was a talkative expressive person  now a mere shell of themselves sitting on a sofa texting away or playing Candy Crush unable to carry on a conversation.  The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ has nothing on this. 


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