Justin Bieber Eggs House

Reblogging because a follower thought I was blaming Miley which I clearly know even if she did turn Justin on because she was older and more hip it is still his call all that he does so I wanted to clear that up. I am not blaming Miley. Didn’t think I would have to point out something so obvious as a person has choice but in case anyone else got that from my blog. I set the record straight in this one.


Wow, a kid who had such promise has gone straight down the tubes. My guess was his interactions with Miley Cyrus tipped his hand to sex, drugs and rock and roll. I look back over the timeline to see about the time he started changing and it was after hanging out with Miley (not blaming her just making an observation). It may be a coincidence or maybe the two of them were turned onto drugs together but Justin is now a complete dirt bag. He is being accused with video backup of hurling eggs at a house. He not only hurled eggs at the house but towards a child. If one of the eggs had connected with the head or eye at the speed one throws an egg it would have caused serious injury to the child.

Justin you need to be stopped. My vision is of you spending timeā€¦

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