Justin Bieber Eggs House

Wow, a kid who had such promise has gone straight down the tubes. My guess was his interactions with Miley Cyrus tipped his hand to sex, drugs and rock and roll. I look back over the timeline to see about the time he started changing and it was after hanging out with Miley (not blaming her just making an observation). It may be a coincidence or maybe the two of them were turned onto drugs together but Justin is now a complete dirt bag. He is being accused with video backup of hurling eggs at a house. He not only hurled eggs at the house but towards a child. If one of the eggs had connected with the head or eye at the speed one throws an egg it would have caused serious injury to the child.

Justin you need to be stopped. My vision is of you spending time behind bars because all of America is tired of your actions. You are running free harming people and their property. I believe you will get your just due pay back soon and it is not going to be pretty. I have no idea what is in that head of yours but you really are a scumbag now. You have to know that just because you can sing and dance you are not the hottest ticket on the block but maybe the hottest criminal on the block. Can’t you see that your days are numbered? What do you think life is about? What does your mother have to say to you about these things. Yeah, yeah all throughout history dirt bags have thrown eggs at houses but that doesn’t mean you do it too unless you are striving for everyone to turn their backs on you. That is what is happening you know. It would be nice if the neighbors all got together and egged your house. It would really be nice if they lined up down your street on both sides so they could throw eggs at your car as it came down the road. See how you feel about that.

You should find a project to work on maybe kids who are underprivileged but you’re heading right for jail Justin and I think this time was maybe your last. Do yourself a favor lose the I am Justin Bieber heart-throb image of yourself because no on even likes you anymore. You are a monster. Google your name sometime and see for yourself just how much people have turned against you. It’s up to you to change public opinion. Right now I don’t see how your mother can be proud of you because no one has anything good to say about you. You almost hit an innocent child! I hope they throw the book at you; you deserve it!



One thought on “Justin Bieber Eggs House

  1. Reblogged this on TamekoTheArtist and commented:

    Reblogging because a follower thought I was blaming Miley which I clearly know even if she did turn Justin on because she was older and more hip it is still his call all that he does so I wanted to clear that up. I am not blaming Miley. Didn’t think I would have to point out something so obvious as a person has choice but in case anyone else got that from my blog. I set the record straight in this one.

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