I am a Genie

There are times I wish I could tell people those little surprises that they get were all little planned events that I felt compelled to give them.  Why?  Because they were kind to someone or they touched my heart in someway.  It was told to me long ago that if I should ever reveal this mystical secret that I would be plunged into darkness again.  Ignorant to the fact it exists at all.

I giggle each time someone tells me of their weird twist of current affairs.  Like the  time the cashier at King Kullen told me she was struggling in her studies.  She was trying to make it into Oxford but her grades were down only by some miracle the  next time I see her she grabs me jumping up and down excited telling me  “guess what?  I aced my finals!”

When my neighbor whose artificial insemination failed and they couldn’t afford to try again finds a scratch off on the ground worth $20,000.00.  The bully down the road trips and falls down each time he heads to bully someone causing laughter towards himself so bad he runs in the other direction.

The ability to create events to my choosing would be rather grand to have but dangerous too.  A Genie disguised as an ordinary human.  The trust of such a power must be used wisely and not without caution.  Can you imagine if your heart turned black what disaster would follow in your path.  I couldn’t be trusted with such a power. For all those people who mistreated others I would leave hanging upside down indefinitely until they promised to mend their ways.

Those who were sick and suffering If they said the magic word I would heal them.  That would be too much power for me to have yet in a sense of the word I do have this power; power in Christ.  I have an enduring power where I might have collapsed before.  The ways of Christ allow me to call on His power to correct the wrong; I accept what he gives me as all I need.  What would I need magic for?  Knowing me it would be a short-lived power as they would probably revoke my “Genie License” for abuse.


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