Paul Walker Tragedy

I really wish the media would stop bringing up articles such as Paul Walker’s death.  Not because I didn’t appreciate his contribution to this world but as in the death of Michael Jackson they were preventable. They didn’t have to happen.  It breaks my heart too bad to be reminded of  such a senseless death as these.

What good does it do  to keep blasting the public with images and headlines; can anyone tell me?  It’s like pouring salt or lemon  juice on a cut. The more someone keeps seeing the events over and over and over again it makes it harder to move past it.  What a horror to continue to see the pieces of his crumpled and torched car.

I feel the same about any senseless avoidable tragedy. I don’t like to keep seeing them in the media; it causes me to have a heavy heart each and every time.  There was no reason other than too much male testosterone in the Paul Walker death.  A man and his Porsche out on a reckless drive pushing the envelope until it ripped apart with the both of them in it.  I just can’t understand how the media find it fair to the children or those close to the people who have died in any horrific accidents.  Can’t you stop with the pictures at least?

What a traumatic way to lose your father in the first place but you have to watch as they keep plastering the image of the car everywhere.  That just seems heartless to me.  I didn’t even know the guy or his family but I feel the torment for them. I can only imagine what his family is going through.

Have a heart guys enough already!


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