Drunk Alabama fans hurls herself at an Oklahoma fan in a fit of liquid courage

My oh my what a sight did I see on the video Yahoo is playing from the Oklahoma Alabama game.  Growing up I watched as my step father and mother slipped into bad moods when the Atlanta Falcon’s lost a game but this is amazing.

A woman who from the looks of the video has been drinking then decides to harass a young male Oklahoma fan.  She stumbles towards him over the seats then grabs his chin while the young man remains very calm.  He doesn’t act aggressive in any manner.  She was there with another man who appeared to be drinking as well but sober enough to pull her away from the young man.  He eloquently tried to position her up further in the stands on the opposite of trouble but to no avail.

Her boyfriend or husband did what any man would do while drinking at a game; he turned to watch the play on the field.  As quickly as he spun her around to sit in the seat he offered her she spun around behind his back up and over the three rows of seats between her and that same young man.  She flew over people plummeting her fist into the back of this young man’s head.

She was literally people surfing as she proceeded to kick this poor young man and kick this young man as people tried to pull her off of him.  Finally the usher’s came, the police game but guess what?  She didn’t go to jail.  They didn’t even give her a ticket to show up in court for drunk and disorderly they merely escorted her out the door.

In her everyday life I bet she is a bully.  They say your true self comes out when you drink.   I wonder if the woman even had the decency to say thank you to the young Oklahoma fan for not pressing charges on her.  I certainly would have sent her to jail for the night.  Her male friend seemed to be a good-hearted guy.  He was a little distracted maybe but at least he didn’t try to pump his chest out at the young man. He simply pulled his woman off of the guy as he wasn’t looking for any trouble.  He took it in stride almost like he had done it a few times before.

I hate to say this about anyone but I hope she learns a lesson here real soon.  The guy she picked on that time was a gentle young soul.  The next time she goes to locking horns with a guy he might not be so nice.  Oh yeah I forgot for a minute; that’s what bullies do.  They pick on kind-hearted people because they are too big of a coward to pick on someone their own size and strength.



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