San Quentin Juvenile Lifers for Murder want 2nd Chance

Has anyone read up on this movement to release a group of gang members because they took some classes to improve themselves?  There are people who actually want to free gang members who viciously murdered people to death because they took classes  in prison to better themselves.  I saw pictures of the guys and while a couple of them  seem to be beaming with brightness the rest look evil to me.

How can they consider giving them a second chance?  My son who was 19 had just broken up with his girlfriend who was 18.  They dated for over a year.  He was devastated.  He was eating dinner with me when his two close male buddies came to get him.  I just thought it was good for his friends to come get him in his time of need.  I never dreamed they were hooking up with three other girls 13 & 14 years of age or I would have had a serious talk with him.

This woman who came with my son’s friends sent them explicitly for my son whom she had admired and wanted for her boyfriend.  My son told her he had a girlfriend but they were broken up.  He also was thinking to himself how jealous his girlfriend would become when she found out and that this would bring her back.

The one thing I failed to mention was my son had always been in the class for disabilities.  He was not thinking anything was wrong or could go wrong when this girl came onto him.  All six of these teenagers had sex but the one girl went around bragging how she had been with my son. The next thing I know he was imprisoned for 15 years serve 9 in the backwoods court systems of Georgia.

A few years into his sentence while in lock down for the first time he can’t take it anymore and he is kicking on the door and banging on the window until the guard comes to open the flap of his cell.  Just then the glass breaks and a piece of the glass goes into the guards eye. They charged and sentenced my son to another 15 years to serve after his initial sentence calling this charge assaulting a peace officer.

Do I think these boys should get a second chance absolutely not.  My son has lost his whole life for much less of a crime.   Just because you are bored and decided to do something anything to get out of your cell for the day doesn’t take the evil out of you. To hit someone in the head with a baseball bat then watch your friend finish the person off with a knife is evil.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.  My son is the one who needs a second chance not these guys.


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