Jason Kidd Fined for Spilling His Drink

This story I have to say put a smile on my face.  I have to give it to the guy he is a quick thinker but not a thorough thinker.  In order to come away clean from the ever watching eyes of the camera you messed up by saying anything at all.  Even if Jason said yikes it could have been seen as a signal to make him spill his drink onto the floor. First who is going to walk into the coach while he is watching the game? Second Jason didn’t jump back like most people would to keep the drink off of his suit.  Definitely left out the surprised or angry look at the player for knocking the drink out of his hand.  Oh boy Jason, what a screw up.

It was unfortunate that he didn’t think of a better way to spill his drink.  How about this scenario your seated with your drink on the floor out of excitement you jump up accidentally kicking your drink onto the court?  Just a thought but there are probably rules about putting your drink down on the floor so my idea probably stinks too but at any rate cheaters never win.

In order to maintain respect you can’t use these tactics trying to win a game.  How about using skill, determination and dedication instead.  These things usually bring a team to championship, not desperation. It could have worked against you.  You may have gotten your players flustered or distracted in this maneuver.  Instead of thinking about the shot they need to take they may have been dreading the trouble you were going to be in who knows.

I have this to say to Jason… nothing beats hard work in getting ahead.  It really was a bad way to start off your career as coach dude.  Don’t  go this route stay one of the good guys.  Mike Tyson never got a head with the tactics he used and neither will you.  It really makes you look so very desperate and like you don’t trust your team to be able to do it.  It shows very little trust in their abilities.  They don’t need that kind of help from you to win. They need you to believe they can do it then for you to make them believe they can do it.  You will be surprised how all that positive inspiration will motivate a team to win.

Tricks are for kids; better luck next time!


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