What is this world coming to when a parent can’t teach their child boundaries?  This guy clearly made out to be a monster for telling his son we are not eating at McDonald’s.  The truth is we need to stand up with this man to stop this nonsense.  No child has ever been harmed by going to bed hungry and is probably a better citizen because their parents sent them to bed with no dinner.  I am not talking about neglect but to teach a child to eat properly.

Many nights I had my child sit with his/her plate of food in order to make them eat their vegetables.  If they didn’t eat what I cooked then they were probably going to be hungry. This is absurd people, come on.   Lift your voice to this man’s needs here.  We can’t allow this to be so.   The kid is not going to learn and you just made his father scared to discipline his child.  Under no circumstances is it good for the kid to eat McDonald’s all the time and his mother just took him.  She should have stood in unity with the father and said he is right son let’s find you something else to eat.

Mrs. Shorr, you are the wrong party here to even call the psychiatrist about this.  You and your husband have to stand united in your custody of your son or divided you will fall.  Do you want your son to be a brat?  He will not grow up well if you fight against each other.  It is proven.  Doesn’t your doctor advise you of this?  I am telling you now that if you don’t start showing some unity with your son he is going to be out of control.  Just because you are going through a divorce don’t throw your son to the lion’s by using him in your game against each other or you will be sorry as he grows up.

Mr. Shorr, in the future please don’t take him to McDonald’s if he has had too much in your opinion but take him where you were headed to eat.  I think once he is there he will find something to eat that he likes.  You may be able to twist his arm (figuratively speaking) by offering something fun to do after dinner as a way of showing a happy middle ground.  At least this way you tried to feed him.

This has gotten way out of control.  There are parents all over the world who prepared nice balanced meals that their children don’t eat and are hungry when they go to bed.  Are you going to take all the children away from seeing their parents then let the state raise them?


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