The Following (followup)

I finished watching season one of “The Following.”  I don’t understand how they have a season two coming.  In the end the serial killer Joe Carroll is killed or believed to be killed in the explosion.  Ryan (Kevin Bacon)and Claire who are back at Kevin’s place with guards posted outside end up getting stabbed by his neighbor. She snuck in because she had a key to his place and is part of Carroll’s followers.  I just don’t think season two can be anything but overkill.  Right now I know that at least Kevin survives because there would be no season two.

Sometimes you just need to do a mini series and move on.  It was kind of weird twist to see that they both (Ryan and Claire) still end up getting it in the end.  Just when they thought it was safe.  I just don’t believe season two is going to have the “following” as it did in season one.  It’s over let it die now.  To have a show about a group of people letting this serial killers legacy live on or that he didn’t die is boring now.  Too much intensity towards the plot of killing Ryan Hardy and creating a book; it just can’t keep the interest of the public.

Maybe there is a different focus in season two?  Based upon the info out there it doesn’t look like it. We shall see if people tune in or not but for me the interest is over even though I believe everyone did an amazing job it’s just too much over and over again.

Ryan Hardy must pay for sleeping with my wife was season one now in season two Ryan Hardy loses Claire and seeks revenge on Joe Carroll?  It is just too much of the same old same old.  By the end of season one I was getting tired of all the blood and gore; all the random killings got boring.  There may be those who will continue to find an interest in this show but for me it is over.


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