The Following

Last night I was settling down in bed with my laptop deciding what Netflix flick I wanted to watch when I came across Kevin Bacon in “The Following.” I wasn’t able to see the episodes when they started so I said what the heck I like Kevin Bacon let’s see what this is about.  WOW! The show was spell binding.  If I had sat an watched each episode waiting each week for the next one I would have been very upset.  Thanks to Netflix I didn’t have to; I flew through every episode until 3:00 am.  I just couldn’t take any more blood and guts for one night so I shut it off.

I have to say this show really got to me.  Now when I watch television I am picking apart the words the actors say, the expression on their faces as well as the way they execute their parts.  I have to say the writers are very creative to put so many unique twist and turns in the series.  You see one cop show you’ve seen them all, right?  No not this one.  If you haven’t seen it I strongly urge you to find it on Netflix and start watching.  It literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat engrossed in what truly seemed like very real events unfolding in front of me.

Kevin is amazing in this series; better than he has ever been and I don’t give out compliments to actors that easy.  He made me believe in the story.  His facial expressions his actions.  They all come together to create this character that is tough yet sensitive and very adorable.

There was one part that was a little awkward for him to do and didn’t come across as believable.  “The Kiss.”  I can understand why… he hasn’t been in a lot of kissing roles and his wife is probably the only woman he has kissed in a very long while but he looked like he was not into the kiss at all.  As a fan of marriage I am not disappointed in this. If he had been better I might have thought less of Kevin for being able to lose himself in a kiss to another woman.

I haven’t seen all of the episodes yet but as of episode (8) there have been no other kisses between Kevin and his leading lady.  Now that may change as time goes on what once was awkward then may change once he gets to know her better. The familiarity of working with her for a while may stir some feelings (I hope not) and he will give a kiss that is believable but like I said I hope not.  Kevin you won’t disappoint me if you ever get the kissing part down.  I think it is hard to keep your thoughts on your real partner when your button’s are being pushed on set.

Well anyway I wish I were a critic and people hung on my every word because as cop shows go this one is the best I have seen in a long while.  Check it out won’t you?


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