Pain Medication

Yesterday I spent three hours trying to get my prescription pain medication filled.  First I had to find a pharmacy that had this medication then I had to argue with my adjuster to get them filled.  They tell me that the new guidelines are asking the doctor’s to take patients off pain medication.  How is that possible?  We have a right to live without pain; or in a better state because pain medication only helps. The problem with this is you are going to end up with people like me going on disability too soon in life because they can’t get moving in the mornings and last throughout the day.

My case is simple, I need a knee transplant but no respectable doctor will give me one until I am 60.  The insurance company wants me to keep searching until I find the one doctor to say yes.  This means hello quack, quack.  My knee disarrangement causes back problems and a car accident has left me with both bulging and herniated disc’s in my neck.  The pain medication allows me to go through the whole day with some enjoyment.

I am able to go to the gym and exercise.  Some things I can’t do for insistence any exercise that works the neck muscle like using hand bells over my head will leave me with a two-day long headache. The nerve gets pinched and aggravated there at the base of my head. I have stopped trying to do most upper body exercises.  I have taken to boxing because it allows me to have muscle tone without the headaches. Without pain medication I would be withering away from atrophy.

The arthritis from all my injuries throughout my life left me very stiff until I took pain medication.  I was only able to go to work then come home and die.  Now I am able to go to the gym, have a vacation and enjoy myself with horse back riding, kayaking etc.  I will not let them take away my right to treatment.  If need be I will pay for my medication but what about those people who can’t pay for their medication.

I don’t think it is right that because one man gunned down a pharmacist that the whole nation has to suffer.  This has got to stop!  Where are the voices to say enough is enough? Prescription medication is not the problem no more than guns are the problem.  People have become evil.  You took God out of everything so there is now a morally defunct world that doesn’t consider a person’s life as valuable.

Maybe you should reconsider God and give His way of life another run for its money.  Let’s see if the world doesn’t go back to a safer place to be.


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