Jason Kidd Fined for Spilling His Drink

This story I have to say put a smile on my face.  I have to give it to the guy he is a quick thinker but not a thorough thinker.  In order to come away clean from the ever watching eyes of the camera you messed up by saying anything at all.  Even if Jason said yikes it could have been seen as a signal to make him spill his drink onto the floor. First who is going to walk into the coach while he is watching the game? Second Jason didn’t jump back like most people would to keep the drink off of his suit.  Definitely left out the surprised or angry look at the player for knocking the drink out of his hand.  Oh boy Jason, what a screw up.

It was unfortunate that he didn’t think of a better way to spill his drink.  How about this scenario your seated with your drink on the floor out of excitement you jump up accidentally kicking your drink onto the court?  Just a thought but there are probably rules about putting your drink down on the floor so my idea probably stinks too but at any rate cheaters never win.

In order to maintain respect you can’t use these tactics trying to win a game.  How about using skill, determination and dedication instead.  These things usually bring a team to championship, not desperation. It could have worked against you.  You may have gotten your players flustered or distracted in this maneuver.  Instead of thinking about the shot they need to take they may have been dreading the trouble you were going to be in who knows.

I have this to say to Jason… nothing beats hard work in getting ahead.  It really was a bad way to start off your career as coach dude.  Don’t  go this route stay one of the good guys.  Mike Tyson never got a head with the tactics he used and neither will you.  It really makes you look so very desperate and like you don’t trust your team to be able to do it.  It shows very little trust in their abilities.  They don’t need that kind of help from you to win. They need you to believe they can do it then for you to make them believe they can do it.  You will be surprised how all that positive inspiration will motivate a team to win.

Tricks are for kids; better luck next time!


Black Friday

I believe the retail industry has lost all sense of Holiday and replaced it with greed.  There was a time that Black Friday meant Friday not Thanksgiving day doors open at 5:00 pm.  I don’t know about you guys but who wants to hit the shopping malls after a big family day of cooking, cleaning and entertaining.  What do we do rush our guests out the door because doors open at 5 pm.  Here you go guys I fixed a nice apple pie for dessert but jeez the doors open at 5 pm.  Let me cut you a piece to go. Sorry about that next year we will cook our dinner the night before eat at noon so we can get dessert in ok?  Promise.

I can’t even look at what I am seeing in this world anymore.  I guarantee you there are people all excited and can’t wait to go after dinner too.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t want to get it.  You are cutting short the one day you have everyone together to go shopping?  It turns my stomach to see how they are enticing people away from Thanksgiving with deals shown on television.  It is really quite sickening to watch the commercials.  I will be glad when Black Thursday/Friday is gone.


What is this world coming to when a parent can’t teach their child boundaries?  This guy clearly made out to be a monster for telling his son we are not eating at McDonald’s.  The truth is we need to stand up with this man to stop this nonsense.  No child has ever been harmed by going to bed hungry and is probably a better citizen because their parents sent them to bed with no dinner.  I am not talking about neglect but to teach a child to eat properly.

Many nights I had my child sit with his/her plate of food in order to make them eat their vegetables.  If they didn’t eat what I cooked then they were probably going to be hungry. This is absurd people, come on.   Lift your voice to this man’s needs here.  We can’t allow this to be so.   The kid is not going to learn and you just made his father scared to discipline his child.  Under no circumstances is it good for the kid to eat McDonald’s all the time and his mother just took him.  She should have stood in unity with the father and said he is right son let’s find you something else to eat.

Mrs. Shorr, you are the wrong party here to even call the psychiatrist about this.  You and your husband have to stand united in your custody of your son or divided you will fall.  Do you want your son to be a brat?  He will not grow up well if you fight against each other.  It is proven.  Doesn’t your doctor advise you of this?  I am telling you now that if you don’t start showing some unity with your son he is going to be out of control.  Just because you are going through a divorce don’t throw your son to the lion’s by using him in your game against each other or you will be sorry as he grows up.

Mr. Shorr, in the future please don’t take him to McDonald’s if he has had too much in your opinion but take him where you were headed to eat.  I think once he is there he will find something to eat that he likes.  You may be able to twist his arm (figuratively speaking) by offering something fun to do after dinner as a way of showing a happy middle ground.  At least this way you tried to feed him.

This has gotten way out of control.  There are parents all over the world who prepared nice balanced meals that their children don’t eat and are hungry when they go to bed.  Are you going to take all the children away from seeing their parents then let the state raise them?

The Following (followup)

I finished watching season one of “The Following.”  I don’t understand how they have a season two coming.  In the end the serial killer Joe Carroll is killed or believed to be killed in the explosion.  Ryan (Kevin Bacon)and Claire who are back at Kevin’s place with guards posted outside end up getting stabbed by his neighbor. She snuck in because she had a key to his place and is part of Carroll’s followers.  I just don’t think season two can be anything but overkill.  Right now I know that at least Kevin survives because there would be no season two.

Sometimes you just need to do a mini series and move on.  It was kind of weird twist to see that they both (Ryan and Claire) still end up getting it in the end.  Just when they thought it was safe.  I just don’t believe season two is going to have the “following” as it did in season one.  It’s over let it die now.  To have a show about a group of people letting this serial killers legacy live on or that he didn’t die is boring now.  Too much intensity towards the plot of killing Ryan Hardy and creating a book; it just can’t keep the interest of the public.

Maybe there is a different focus in season two?  Based upon the info out there it doesn’t look like it. We shall see if people tune in or not but for me the interest is over even though I believe everyone did an amazing job it’s just too much over and over again.

Ryan Hardy must pay for sleeping with my wife was season one now in season two Ryan Hardy loses Claire and seeks revenge on Joe Carroll?  It is just too much of the same old same old.  By the end of season one I was getting tired of all the blood and gore; all the random killings got boring.  There may be those who will continue to find an interest in this show but for me it is over.

The Following

Last night I was settling down in bed with my laptop deciding what Netflix flick I wanted to watch when I came across Kevin Bacon in “The Following.” I wasn’t able to see the episodes when they started so I said what the heck I like Kevin Bacon let’s see what this is about.  WOW! The show was spell binding.  If I had sat an watched each episode waiting each week for the next one I would have been very upset.  Thanks to Netflix I didn’t have to; I flew through every episode until 3:00 am.  I just couldn’t take any more blood and guts for one night so I shut it off.

I have to say this show really got to me.  Now when I watch television I am picking apart the words the actors say, the expression on their faces as well as the way they execute their parts.  I have to say the writers are very creative to put so many unique twist and turns in the series.  You see one cop show you’ve seen them all, right?  No not this one.  If you haven’t seen it I strongly urge you to find it on Netflix and start watching.  It literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat engrossed in what truly seemed like very real events unfolding in front of me.

Kevin is amazing in this series; better than he has ever been and I don’t give out compliments to actors that easy.  He made me believe in the story.  His facial expressions his actions.  They all come together to create this character that is tough yet sensitive and very adorable.

There was one part that was a little awkward for him to do and didn’t come across as believable.  “The Kiss.”  I can understand why… he hasn’t been in a lot of kissing roles and his wife is probably the only woman he has kissed in a very long while but he looked like he was not into the kiss at all.  As a fan of marriage I am not disappointed in this. If he had been better I might have thought less of Kevin for being able to lose himself in a kiss to another woman.

I haven’t seen all of the episodes yet but as of episode (8) there have been no other kisses between Kevin and his leading lady.  Now that may change as time goes on what once was awkward then may change once he gets to know her better. The familiarity of working with her for a while may stir some feelings (I hope not) and he will give a kiss that is believable but like I said I hope not.  Kevin you won’t disappoint me if you ever get the kissing part down.  I think it is hard to keep your thoughts on your real partner when your button’s are being pushed on set.

Well anyway I wish I were a critic and people hung on my every word because as cop shows go this one is the best I have seen in a long while.  Check it out won’t you?

Pain Medication

Yesterday I spent three hours trying to get my prescription pain medication filled.  First I had to find a pharmacy that had this medication then I had to argue with my adjuster to get them filled.  They tell me that the new guidelines are asking the doctor’s to take patients off pain medication.  How is that possible?  We have a right to live without pain; or in a better state because pain medication only helps. The problem with this is you are going to end up with people like me going on disability too soon in life because they can’t get moving in the mornings and last throughout the day.

My case is simple, I need a knee transplant but no respectable doctor will give me one until I am 60.  The insurance company wants me to keep searching until I find the one doctor to say yes.  This means hello quack, quack.  My knee disarrangement causes back problems and a car accident has left me with both bulging and herniated disc’s in my neck.  The pain medication allows me to go through the whole day with some enjoyment.

I am able to go to the gym and exercise.  Some things I can’t do for insistence any exercise that works the neck muscle like using hand bells over my head will leave me with a two-day long headache. The nerve gets pinched and aggravated there at the base of my head. I have stopped trying to do most upper body exercises.  I have taken to boxing because it allows me to have muscle tone without the headaches. Without pain medication I would be withering away from atrophy.

The arthritis from all my injuries throughout my life left me very stiff until I took pain medication.  I was only able to go to work then come home and die.  Now I am able to go to the gym, have a vacation and enjoy myself with horse back riding, kayaking etc.  I will not let them take away my right to treatment.  If need be I will pay for my medication but what about those people who can’t pay for their medication.

I don’t think it is right that because one man gunned down a pharmacist that the whole nation has to suffer.  This has got to stop!  Where are the voices to say enough is enough? Prescription medication is not the problem no more than guns are the problem.  People have become evil.  You took God out of everything so there is now a morally defunct world that doesn’t consider a person’s life as valuable.

Maybe you should reconsider God and give His way of life another run for its money.  Let’s see if the world doesn’t go back to a safer place to be.