The Landlord from Hell

I have lived in the same apartment since 2006.  It had a leak in the ceiling before you came into the apartment so every time it rained I would have an argument with the landlord over fixing the roof. Finally in 2012 hurricane Sandy took the garage off the house. I found out then that the landlady had let her insurance lapse and she was not covered. I quickly bought renters insurance to protect my things. Her son who lives with her filled out papers to get assistance from FEMA. When the check arrived for $10,000.00 I thought finally now he will fix the roof. Not a chance! The town came out and wrote him tickets but that didn’t make him fix the roof.

Now I am lying in bed about a week ago right after the oil guy comes and I smell oil. I called the landlady who tells me that she was spraying bug spray. I kept smelling it then finally I made an appointment to go to the doctor from the irritant of smelling this chemical smell for a week. The night before my doctor’s appointment the landlord’s son who had been in the hospital for about eight days came home and was raising havoc yelling and banging around what sounded like the area of the boiler.

I yelled through the wall to him and sure enough he confirmed there was an oil leak. The next day I called to see how it was going and if he fixed the oil leak. He said no I am still draining the tank and believe it or not there isn’t that much oil because it all drained into the ground through the crack in the cement. We just received 100 gallons on Saturday night!

I went home to my apartment but the smell of oil in the bedroom was so bad I couldn’t stay in it. I made a call to find out the dangers in this type of hazard. The hot water was connected to the boiler and was still running so I was unsure of the ramifications of this and the operator told me they were sending people to investigate.

Little did I know that the whole fire department, hazmat and town officials would come out to investigate. Apparently the situation was worst than I thought. The town doesn’t get called in on such things unless they deem it necessary. Now the town gives them eight summons for all the improper things he has done to the house without permits. The back deck, the plumbing in the apartment, the condition of the house as well as the oil spill citations. He is finally made to fix these things that are considered hazardous and unlivable. I on the other hand I have to find another place to live.

The fireman called the conditions where they live as a hoarders house. They have papers stored too close to the burner itself and the landlord’s son refuses to see any danger in the oil lingering in the air as we inhale it on a daily basis. He never fixes anything. I will go back to the apartment after two days not sure if I will have hot water or if anything has gotten done to secure the property from fire. I have stayed in a hotel at the cost of $166.00 a night. The worst thing is my bed is about 15 feet the other side of the oil spill and my clothes hang in the closet between us. When I packed to leave for a couple of days the smell in my car from being in the oil filled closet told the horrible truth; raw oil is a nasty beast.

If you know of an apartment for rent between West Islip and Forest Hills, NY shoot me a line. I am a clean non-smoking quiet person who works hard and believes my home is my refuge so I don’t bring people home to hang out. Until then wish me luck!


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