Sgt. Meyer Perspective is Truth

Reading this morning’s news I found it interesting that the media was picking apart a book written by Sgt. Meyer.  A man who will soon be receiving an honorary medal for his participation in the war.  This medal is not being given based upon his book but because of the actual events that took place.

I have never read a book truth or fiction that wasn’t embellished by the writer and to tell you the truth this man’s book is probably more interesting and life-like the way he told it.  I don’t know if he had a ghost writer or not I didn’t dig that deep into this article but if I were a ghost writer listening to his tale maybe I would encourage a little embellishment myself.  Based upon what I read there weren’t any resurgent’s to fight off and this makes the story more gripping.

Now either way the fact remains that the man probably took his whole military career threw it into a bag shook it up and pulled out pieces of memory as he wrote the book.  The perspective of this man’s memory is in reality the truth, at least to him.  I say take the book for a good half fiction half truth and move on.  Does it make for good reading? I am sure it does.

There should be no dishonor placed on this man for writing a book with embellishment.  He was still in a combat fighting for our freedom and was part of an incident so grand that a medal is being given to him; not from his book but for other reasons as pointed out by the author of the article I read this morning.

Sgt. Meyer, thank you for your service and may your book be a number one best seller!


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