States Pay Federal Government to Open Parks

The individual states have elected to open the parks on their own by paying the government for each days operational costs.  The states as well as the independent business owners were losing a lot of money because of the shut down.

Based upon the figures posted in the article I read the profits are a little over double the cost of running the parks.  The article didn’t mention if the Federal Government receives a portion of this profit but I would assume if the state is paying them the daily cost that it would be no they are not receiving any profit.

In a normal daily operation of a park does the Federal Government receive the profits?  I would think yes they are paying to run it so they should receive the profits.  There are a couple of things here that are bothering me.

One if the government under normal circumstance is raking profits that double the cost of running them what is the problem.  Why are they deliberately shutting down and losing that income.  There is a lot of profit here being lost or the states wouldn’t pay to keep them going.  The shut down they say is because the government can’t pay for both “Obama Care” and such things like the parks.  Based upon what this article stated the parks income pays double what it takes to run it. How is this considered to be a strain on government spending!

Two why not keep things the way they have become; let each state continue to pay to the government the cost of the park’s daily operations. Let the state keep the profits. The individual states should have control over their own parks and tourist attractions. How and why was it a federal responsibility?

I believe we are going to discover many things the government was doing before they shut down was unnecessary and can be done away with.  I had to make a decision one day in my youth over shaving gel or a pack of ground beef. I of course chose the ground beef.  I realized after shaving my legs with regular soap that there wasn’t any difference in the results and never bought shaving gel again.  Why should I?  The cost back then for a can of shaving gel was $3.49.  In the days of my poverty I discovered many things that weren’t really a necessity and have become quite a little money saver.

Maybe some of the government jobs aren’t really that necessary.  Let’s start checking one by one to see if any harm is done while that person is on shut down and see.  You may find no difference at all in the results.


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