Sandy Hook School

What a horrible tragedy this community suffered.  What horrific trauma the children will have to deal with as they continue with their education. I was disappointed to read that the community in an effort to transition the kids back to this school voted on demolishing the school to build a new one but on the same property.

If I were a child building on the same property would not help me. The memory of what happened would grip me as soon as I turned down that last street heading towards the school.  As I got closer to the property the more anxious I would get.  It is the same when a child is battered by the parents; when they turn onto the street they live on so begins their anxiety.

Even though a child may settle down once they are inside the building with its new and improved everything that road to the school could be a very traumatic daily event.  Some children may decide to skip school instead of going through this trauma everyday. Why put them through this?

I for one would not have decided until I allowed the voice of the children to be heard. I would have let the children vote by a raise of hands, on paper or whatever means necessary to tally their vote but their vote is what would have counted.  There are too many lives at stake here and each child that doesn’t overcome this crisis may choose to be destructive later on.

From what I understand the children didn’t want to go to school at all after this.  Who can blame them?  They want to stay home were they feel safe.  I hope in the end they decide to relocate the new school somewhere else.  There should be a memorial there instead of a school.  Too many children died needlessly to just paint over the canvas.

A new school somewhere else would be a much better choice in this case.   I wish I had the property to donate to the community; I would surely give it to them.  I would like everyone to ask themselves a couple of questions. Think about how you would feel passing by this location knowing what took place even though a new school stands there and answer the following questions.

1.) Do you feel good now they have a new school on this land?

2.) Does it diminish the horror you feel?

That’s what I thought.  It doesn’t change things does it?  How do you think the children are going to feel?



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