Facial Recognition Scan

I have to laugh when I read this article on Bing today in regards to the Federal Government making facial recognition technology that scans people in a crowd and identifies them.  You have to be kidding me right?  This is such a waste of money.  Do you think people knowing this technology exists will come out into the crowd as themselves?  Those who are responsible for this wasted money need to give it back to America out of their own pocket.  Today’s advanced makeup kits for actors or simple cosmetic surgeries can throw all these scans off.  Maybe even something as simple as putting fake bumps on your face or stuffing cotton in your cheeks would deter the identity of a terrorist recognition. A scan recognizes certain points in the face and any change in those points would turn out inconclusive. Come on Americans we have to say stop! No wonder our country is going broke.


One thought on “Facial Recognition Scan

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