A-Rod & Steroids

I really don’t understand the controversy of steroids and athletes.  They all use them and some are unfortunate to get caught.  If all the athletes were allowed to use them instead of hiding their use of them the playing field is level.  Think about it.  What would be the problem if all athletes used steroids?  They would all then be the same and no one would have the advantage over the other one.  I’m just saying leave A-Rod alone.  You guys know darn well all the other athletes are using some form of performance enhancing drug. They just haven’t been caught yet.

You built a society trained to compete against each other from the time we are born. It is your fault that athletes feel they have to use drugs to be the best especially when they hit a certain age and start to slow down.  The emphasis on sports and winning drives them to do this.  LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.



One thought on “A-Rod & Steroids

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