Private Manning

Just read that Private Manning wants to live as a women while in prison.  My first thought is of course he does; the place needs a sex toy to ease their sexually deprived souls.  What a field day prison will be for this person!

My second thought came after reading the Private Manning Network raised $1,000,000.00 for his defense.  Well seems to me that they can pay for his hormone therapy instead of making a killing of this case.

It just doesn’t make sense that anyone would consider paying for a criminal’s hormone replacement when women don’t get hormone medication who go through the change.

This would mean that if I needed to have some kind of major procedure I could then get arrested, plea out to serve time and let the state pick up my tab for my procedure.  Rest and rejuvenate to come out brand new and start over.

Prison is not a place to feel comfortable in your own skin.  It is a place to feel very uncomfortable and to realize your actions.  When you make it comfortable people who want to lie around all day and do nothing don’t care if they go there or not. Crime increases and no one wins.

We really need to  make sure this person pays for hormones themselves.  They should have enough money from selling secrets about our country.  Make them spend it.



Facial Recognition Scan

I have to laugh when I read this article on Bing today in regards to the Federal Government making facial recognition technology that scans people in a crowd and identifies them.  You have to be kidding me right?  This is such a waste of money.  Do you think people knowing this technology exists will come out into the crowd as themselves?  Those who are responsible for this wasted money need to give it back to America out of their own pocket.  Today’s advanced makeup kits for actors or simple cosmetic surgeries can throw all these scans off.  Maybe even something as simple as putting fake bumps on your face or stuffing cotton in your cheeks would deter the identity of a terrorist recognition. A scan recognizes certain points in the face and any change in those points would turn out inconclusive. Come on Americans we have to say stop! No wonder our country is going broke.

A-Rod & Steroids

I really don’t understand the controversy of steroids and athletes.  They all use them and some are unfortunate to get caught.  If all the athletes were allowed to use them instead of hiding their use of them the playing field is level.  Think about it.  What would be the problem if all athletes used steroids?  They would all then be the same and no one would have the advantage over the other one.  I’m just saying leave A-Rod alone.  You guys know darn well all the other athletes are using some form of performance enhancing drug. They just haven’t been caught yet.

You built a society trained to compete against each other from the time we are born. It is your fault that athletes feel they have to use drugs to be the best especially when they hit a certain age and start to slow down.  The emphasis on sports and winning drives them to do this.  LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.